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Indoor Air Quality


When HVAC equipment isn’t working at peak efficiency, homeowners are at risk of breathing air that is contaminated by mold, pollen, and microscopic dust particles. Whether it’s blocked filters or aging systems that need immediate repairs, our certified technicians provide professional service that will increase your comfort and eliminate dangerous airborne pollutants.

Poor air quality may cause or aggravate respiratory problems, especially in younger children and older adults. Repairing your existing furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner will not only help to extend the life of your equipment, it will help to improve your quality of life.


If your heating and cooling systems are aging, or they don’t provide adequate ventilation and climate control in your home, it may be time to consider new and more efficient HVAC equipment. Comfort Professionals offers complete residential installation services for all makes and models of air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces that will out-perform your older systems and drastically improve your indoor air quality.

From removing old equipment to installing your new heating or cooling system, our attention to detail and quality workmanship are second to none. Not only will you breath easier with your new installation, you’ll immediately begin to save money on your annual energy costs.


Very few homeowners are aware of the health risks that are associated with breathing contaminated indoor air. When overlooked, air quality issues may cause long-term health effects, and families should make every effort to make certain their heating and cooling systems are always performing at their best.

We encourage customers to contact us today and schedule a risk-free assessment of their current heating, cooling and air-handling equipment. Whether it’s adopting a routine maintenance plan or considering new and more efficient systems, our indoor air quality service team is always available help keep your family safe and comfortable.


While most homeowners are familiar with the term “indoor air quality”, it’s simply not a subject that gets the attention it deserves. For those individuals and families that spend a reasonable amount of time indoors, the air you breathe has a profound effect on your overall health, and indoor air quality service will ensure that your family is never breathing contaminated air.

From routine service and repairs, to the installation of new, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, Comfort Professionals is dedicated to providing a healthy living environment for our valued customers. Comfort Professionals services areas such as Manassas, Bristow, Haymarket, and all of Northern Virginia.

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If someone in your household suffers from headaches, breathing difficulties, or allergy-like symptoms, improving the indoor air quality in your home may provide relief. While you can take some steps to improve your indoor air quality on your own, for the most comprehensive solutions you need the assistance of a professional HVAC contractor. Here are 5 ways that an HVAC contractor can help you reduce airborne contaminants and improve the air quality in your home.

All of the products we offer are backed by our service guarantees and unmatched reputation.

  • Humidifiers to help you control air moisture
  • Ventilators to bring fresh air into your home
  • Air Filters to clean the air before it circulates
  • Ultraviolet Lamps to eliminate germs and bacteria
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms to measure and detect CO levels in your home


Your HVAC system should already have filters in place, but they may not be fine enough to trap all of the pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, lead paint dust, viruses, and other potentially harmful particles that may be contaminating your home’s air. An HVAC contractor can recommend a better filter that will remove more of these particles. In most cases, the best choice is a HEPA filter, which is designed to capture 99 percent of particles at least 0.3 micrometers in diameter. HEPA filters are frequently used in hospitals and on airplanes to reduce the transmission of airborne diseases.


If you are especially concerned about bacteria and viruses in your home, you might consider having a UV light installed in your HVAC system to kill pathogens rather than relying on a filter to trap them. Another option is an electrified air cleaner or ionizer. Models which will fit in existing filter tracks inside your ductwork are available, and some models can kill 98 percent of bacteria and 80 percent of viruses. One interesting side benefit of electrified air cleaners is that they can reduce the amount of energy required to push air through your ducts, because they put up less resistance than a traditional filter.


Installing a filter won’t do much good if your ductwork is dirty or full of holes. If air can enter the ductwork through a hole, it can bypass the filter. And if your ductwork is full of dust and dirt, the freshly filtered air will just get re-contaminated as it circulates through your home. A HVAC technician can inspect, clean, and repair your ductwork to ensure that that this doesn’t happen.


Many airborne contaminants, including dust mites and mold, thrive in humid conditions. In order to keep these allergens in check, you need to keep your indoor humidity levelsbetween 30 and 50 percent. An HVAC contractor can help you do this by installing a dehumidifier or making sure your air conditioner is working properly. Note that using an air conditioner is better for allergy sufferers than simply opening a window, because air conditioners can lower the amount of irritating pollen dust in your home as well.


Having proper ventilation is also very important for maintaining good indoor air quality. For example, if you have a clothes dryer in your home, make sure it vents to the outside. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a dryer in a basement or garage doesn’t need ventilation. Air contaminants travel, so you don’t want them piling up in any part of your home, no matter how out-of-the-way it might seem. By ensuring that your dryer vents to the outside, you can not only eliminate floating lint and pet dander, you can also reduce humidity.


If you have any sort of fuel-burning heating system in your home, whether it’s a wood-burning stove, a gas-fired furnace, or a fuel oil-powered boiler, you need to have this system checked out regularly by a qualified HVAC technician. As part of the inspection, the HVAC technician should perform a carbon monoxide test and also make sure that any carbon monoxide detectors you have are working properly. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly so it is very important to take this airborne contaminant seriously.

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