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Deciding On A New Installation

If you’re involved in new construction, renovation, or your existing home has never had air conditioning, making the choice to install new equipment means creating an environment that will be comfortable all year round. While some might consider air conditioning to be an extravagant expense, it’s definitely not the case. Not only does air conditioning keep you comfortable on oppressive summer days, it helps to improve air quality, promotes a healthier living space, and increases the overall value of your home.

As systems age, downtime and emergency repairs become an inconvenience and an unfortunate expense for homeowners. When the cost and burden of maintaining an older air conditioner become too great, installing a new and more energy efficient cooling system is the most practical solution. Comfort Professionals will help you plan your air conditioning installation project by starting with a risk-free assessment of your home’s cooling needs.

Your Air Conditioning Needs

Once you’ve decided to install a new air conditioner, a complete home assessment will determine what size and type of system will be most effective in keeping you and your family cool and comfortable. Our team will take into consideration your current system and the demands that are placed on it, as well as your home’s overall configuration and any other factors, such as existing duct work, that might effect the final equipment choice.

For installations without existing equipment, a complete analysis of your home will help to determine the best possible solution for your air conditioning needs. When all factors are considered, a cooling system that is best suited for your living space will not only keep you comfortable, it will help to significantly reduce your overall energy costs.

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Residential Air Conditioning Installation

Keeping your home cool during the long hot summer is essential to help make certain your family is healthy and comfortable. Whether you’ve decided to replace an aging system or this is your first experience with air conditioning, the team at Comfort Professionals offers complete air conditioning installation services for residential customers in Northern Virginia. Beginning with a complete home assessment, we’re able to offer the best possible solution to keep your family cool while keeping a watchful eye on your annual energy costs.

Addressing minor repairs will also keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency, and will help to reduce energy costs and improve your indoor air quality. A neglected air conditioner will breakdown much more frequently than one that is serviced on a regular basis.

Air Conditioning Installation

The team at Comfort Professionals takes great pride in on-time installations, exceptional customer support, and cutting edge products that are backed by exceptional warranties and performance guarantees. Our certified technicians arrive with everything needed to get the job done, and their experience and training will guarantee a trouble-free installation.

Homeowners are offered peace of mind knowing their old system will be removed and their new air conditioner will be installed in a timely manner that will ensure limited downtime. Our reliable and trusted crew will treat your home as if it were their own, and your property will be kept safe and clean from start to finish.

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